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Secure Systems Through Process and Policy

Security services are vital to any information systems and infrastructure.  OVTech employs network and computer professionals that have experience and knowledge with information systems security.

Qualifications :

Experienced Professionals who are Industry Current

Broad Technology Base with Deep Knowledge

Intelligence Factor - We Think Ahead

Analysis Points :

Risk Assessment Cost Benefit
Physical Access Access Control Lists
Network & System Privileges People Policies
System Policies System Life Cycle
Change Control Application Identification
Network Ingress/Egress Firewall/Routers
System Architecture Component


Always employ a firewall at Internet borders.  Either a software firewall on your PC or better yet,  a dedicated firewall.  Review firewall policies (filters) and logs with some frequency.
Worms, Trojans, and other bad programs for your computer often come from inconspicuous pop-ups and emails with attachments.  DO NOT OPEN email you know to be SPAM, and use a pop-up blocker when browsing the unknown.  Always answer NO if you don't know - when responding to pop-ups or close the dialogue box.


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