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Technical Services

OVTech support packages are based on your Information Systems and Technology needs.  OVTech works with you to determine scope and resource needs followed by implementation and management.

Service Package Options:

Branch Office

     As Requested 
        Time and Materials
        Scheduled Service

         Scope Specific
         Time and Budget Bound

Active Helpdesk

      On-Site Part-Time
         8-5 Business Day
         24x7 Any Time
      On-Site Full-Time
           Project to Perm
           Outsourced Solution

Matched Consulting

     Requirements Definition / Needs Analysis
     Cost Benefit / Return-On-Investment

     Managed Resources / Systems Analysis

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Service offerings are baseline products that will be matched to your business needs.  Pricing is negotiated according to market, engagement length, and your return value.

Small / Branch Office
Designed for small, single-site locations in need of minimal support.  Branch locations, and small offices are good candidates.  Support needs are minimal, but consistent over time.

Direct Help Desk
Dedicated on-site support and service.  Medium to large organizations with offices in major metropolitan areas are good candidates.  Office populations in excess of forty people qualify.

Matched Consulting
Our consulting services are project and scope specific.  We provide analysis, resources, and management for turn-key solutions.

Value Proposition:

OVTech brings value to organizations by providing the right talent at the right time.  We utilize scalable methods and work toward building lasting relationships.  Our skills have been honed through time and training, and we are aware of the business drivers behind any enabling information technology.

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