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Business Minded,
Technology Driven

     Oceanview Technologies (OVTech) was founded on the idea that Information Systems and Technology (IT) are only as good as the people behind them. Our collective experience is both wide and deep, covering all forms of information systems and computer based technologies.  Our approach is open and based on the principal that honest and direct communications will lead to the best solutions.

     We share a deep-rooted interest in information systems and computer sciences.  Our careers as analysts, engineers, and technicians are a natural outcome of this passion.  Our interest is still very much alive and drives us to continue our own development.

Our Mission:

We are enablers of information systems and computer based technologies.  We help our clients gain control over existing information systems, and plan for infrastructure growth in accordance with business plans.  We do this by leveraging our combined experience and knowledge and match it to the business needs.

OVTech provides performance, assurance, and trust with all our engagements.  We are responsive and price competitive.  We are accountable and responsible for our actions and decisions.  We are loyal and dedicated to our clients and mission.

Company Profile:

Our team of professionals provides value through successful application of proven methods with a creative approach.  We scope the work to meet business requirements and define success in terms of the bottom line.

Our industry profiles cover accounting, banking, financial services, law firms, and consulting practices.  We also provide services to small and medium-sized business including remote and branch offices.

OVTech is based in southern California, and operates with coverage in most large west coast metropolitan areas.

Enjoyment is a key aspect to living.  We enjoy what we do and believe that balance in life is the key to longevity and happiness.


Trust is the foundation of every relationship, and value is the brick and mortar. We build on this principal to develop healthy lasting parterships with all of our stakeholders.








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